Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tuesday February 8, 2005 attitude

I guess it's all in your attitude toward winter. Here in Missouri, there is a tendency to button down the hatches and wait for spring once winter arrives. We seem to gravitate toward indoor activities and stay away from outdoor activities. We don't hirbernate, but we do stay inside.

My cousin and her husband, from Minnesota, came through town the other day. They were on a winter vacation traveling south and then returning home. They were actually driving cross country during the winter and enjoying it. When I asked if the weather bothered them, they looked at me strangely and said - "Once they opened the highways, it was okay". They had no qualms about traveling during snow and ice, that's just part of winter and they seem to enjoy all seasons. Once winter arrives in Minnesota, it stays all winter and it gets brutal. They just adjust their attitude and go ice fishing or skating or snowmobiling. They really seem to enjoy winter just as much as any other season.

I'm going to have to investigate this.

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  1. I don't know you at all...I'm actually commenting on a comment that you made to a girl named Karen in her blog at the end of January. You told her about how we all are anonomously reaching out to people and that our biggest fear is admitting how lonely and hurt we each are. (that is NOT a quote by any means...)
    I wanted to tell you that I really liked what you said to her. I have worked with many a broken woman from prostitution to incest to abusive relationships...she needed to hear that whether she knows it or not! :)
    haha...I'm now realizing that you very well could be a regular visitor to her site and are even looking at her "specially hidden pics"...but...that doesn't really matter to me. I'm glad she got to read what you wrote. Please take a thank you from another anonymous stranger! :)