Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday February 1, 2005 campfires

Everyone stares into a campfire.

It's hypnotic. It's fascinating. It's restful.

You just sit there and watch the flames lick around each piece of wood and you watch the coals glow. Everybody seems to want to help by pushing in that half burnt piece of wood so it can be consumed. You find a fire-stick and poke the fire and then make sure your stick doesn't continue to burn by rubbing it in the earth. It's very difficult to get up and leave the light and warmth of the fire. When you leave the bubble of light, it seems suddenly dark and foreboding. You become closer to each of the people gathered around the fire and miss that close companionship when you finally have to leave and head off to bed. The smell of the fire lingers in the air and in your clothes.

It builds great memories.

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