Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday July 11, 2015...I REMEMBER WHEN


I could wake up and bound out of bed, without a worry in my head;
I didn‫‬'t have a pain in my body;
I could work all day and party all night;
I could see and hear so well;
I could eat anything and not get an upset stomach;
I didn'‬t have to take any pills;
I didn't know as much as I do now, but I could remember it all;
I didn't have trouble remembering names;
A dollar could buy a hamburger, fries and a shake;
You could fill up the car for three dollars;
Hamburger was 3 pounds for a dollar;
Coffee was 48 cents a pound;
Milk was 3 half gallons for a dollar;
Candy bars were a nickel;
Stamps were 3 cents;
America had the kindest heart and the sincerest wishes for the world;
Hospitals were charitable organizations and nobody had health insurance because healthcare was inexpensive;
Pharmacists mixed up the prescription in their shop and drug companies sold aspirin;
We had the best schools in the world;
Public colleges were cheap and in some places free;

Things have changed. 
Not all the changes are good.