Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday October 21, 2011...It's FINALLY going to end!

President Obama announced that the last of our troops will leave Iraq by the end of this year.  After 9 years of war and occupation and thousands of lives and trillions of dollars, we are finally leaving Iraq.  The inevitable question will be - Was it worth it?  In my opinion, NO!  We have hundreds of thousands of wounded veterans who will need our help for decades to come and we have left Iraq in worse shape than it was when we went there.  Perhaps the Arab spring would have spread to Iraq just like it did in Libya and the people would have ousted their dictator too.  We'll never know, because we decided we would be the police force for the world and dictate the policies of the Iraqis for them.  It was a waste of lives, money, time and energy.  We went into Iraq for reasons that had not been confirmed and acted like the bully of the block.  We gained nothing for all our efforts.  Although the arms manufacturers did quite well, the rest of us ended up way in debt and now we're paying for it.

Thank God we're finally out of there!  Now, if we can get out of Afghanistan and avoid going into Pakistan, maybe we'll have a chance to lick our wounds and heal.

This war has troubled me from the very start when, for the first time, we invaded without provocation.