Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday May 20, 2010...HOWDEE!!

It isn't a pretty sight.

Go ahead and laugh.

I've been fighting a broken front tooth for several weeks now. It was a crowned tooth from my teenage years that finally broke off flush with the gums. I had it pulled (not a pleasant memory). Unfortunately it hasn't been healing from the inside out as it should so I've been stuck with this merry grin to deal with. I'm sure that someday I will be able to look back and laugh, that's why I wanted to show the picture (for laughs). As soon as the healing takes place, I can get a partial plate to replace it. For now, I just have to be very very careful and avoid trying to bite anything.

Anyone for mush? Maybe ice cream?

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday May 2, 2010...May flowers

It's May already and here in the lowlands (elev 1000') the trees are green once more and the grass is growing. Days are creeping into the 70s with spring breezes.

In the mountains out west the snow is melting and the streams are starting to rampage. It's always green in the pine forests, but as the snow recedes, the grass and low vegetation awakes from it's winter slumber.

It's a pleasant time here in the lowlands and I begin to plan for a return to the mountains later when the heat rises on the plains.

Each location has its special appeal at different times of the year. Right now the rolling hills of Missouri are lush and green and the woods are filled with life.

I like May, especially after being cooped up all winter in the gray gloom. It's time for kite flying and outdoor excursions. Enjoy.