Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009...It's about time

It's nice when a plan comes together or a program runs correctly.

I bought a portable computer last year with Windows Vista on it. I didn't like Vista at all, so I reformatted the hard drive and installed Windows XP as the operating system. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line my portable lost the ability to communicate with the on board dvd drive and the wireless internet connection. This last week I installed Windows 7 on the portable to see how it would work. It works well, but it feels different and looks different, so it is a bit confusing. The one really neat thing about 7 is that it automatically recognizes and initiates all the peripherals on board. I now have the dvd drive back and the wireless internet. The program seems to run most of the programs I had on XP, so there doesn't seem to be much problem yet. I'll need to find my way around with the new system and I'm sure that there will be some programs that won't work with 7 like they did with XP. Overall, it's been a GOOD thing to install Windows 7 on this portable.

I'll wait a bit before installing 7 on my main computer, but it's looking more probable as time goes along.