Saturday, November 07, 2015

Saturday November 7, 2015...IT'S HARD NOT TO BE POLITICAL THESE DAYS

It's hard not to be political these days.

Even though the election isn't until a year from now, we are plagued with politicians flooding our mail and our airwaves with political hubris.  There are hundreds of DEBATES, both federal, state and local trying to winnow down the number that will be presented to us.  The cost of running for any office these days is staggering.  Only the rich or those supported by the rich can afford to run for office - except for Bernie Sanders.  Bernie is only taking contributions for individuals and no corporations and no billionaires.  We'll see how that works out.  The political machines are trying to eliminate the competition so that we will only have their candidate on the left and their candidate on the right to vote for.  Many people have given up on the political situation and refuse to vote, making it easier for organized, supported organizations to control the vote.  I will vote, but with a sigh.

But that's enough for now.  Otherwise, we enjoy the beautiful fall weather and look forward to the holiday season.  Time to think of giving thanks for what's left to celebrate.  And then the one season of the year where we consider those less fortunate than us.  That's when we consider them the victims instead of the perpetrator of their situation.  I enjoy this time of the year more than any other.  I wish we could have Christmas every month of the year.

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you have much to be thankful for.
Merry Christmas!  I hope you consider those less fortunate.