Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Tuesday, July 8, 2014...World Views

Companies look at the Earth as a potential source of income. Their immediate goal is to use the resources of the Earth to make profits, regardless of the consequences to the environment. They would kill all the buffalo and chop down all the redwoods and pollute the rivers and streams and dirty the air and tear down the mountains and eradicate the fish from the ocean – all in the course of making profits. Long after the companies are gone, the injured Earth that they left behind will have to heal or suffer for generations to come.

People look at the Earth as a home – a place to provide them with food and shelter. The Earth that they desire is renewable and ever freshening. They want the clean, clear water to drink and the clean, clear air to breathe and food that isn't contaminated. They want an Earth that their children and grandchildren can enjoy. They want to protect the Earth – it is all that they have and it belongs to each and every one of them.

People elect governments to administer programs for the benefit of all of the people. Where one person cannot provide roads and water and electricity and fire protection and police protection, they collectively can have these services provided by their elected officials. We need elected officials who will think of the Earth as our home and look to providing services for ALL of the people – not just small, wealthy special interests.

Somewhere along the line we have become a corporate world and the world view that prevails is to use it up and discard it and move on to the next resource, ignoring the ultimate destruction. We leave behind the scrapyard of a once beautiful planet.