Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sunday February 6, 2005 Super Sunday?

I remember the first super bowl.

No one really cared much, they thought it was kind of a gimmick. Bowl games were for college teams. Most people cared about professional football like we now care about indoor football. The only people who really cared about pro teams were the die hard fans in the cities that had teams. I remember the TV people interviewing people about the upcoming super bowl game and their surprised reactions. What's a super bowl?

Well, now the hype and the networks and the news media have taken over and to many people, this is the ultimate game. The old time football players used to be college football players who didn't want to grow up yet. They wanted to keep on playing games for a few more years before they settled down and got a job. They were rough and tumble guys out for a good time. It wasn't a profession, it was a GAME.

Times have changed and attitudes have changed and the game has become entertainment and all the changes aren't necessarily for the best.

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