Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday February 11, 2005 Evil North Korea

Let's see, we called Iraq, Iran and North Korea "the axis of evil". We invaded Iraq.
We call North Korea a bastion of tyranny. Now North Korea breaks off talks with us. Surprise?
With our present government and their form of diplomacy, it's not surprising that Iran and North Korea want nuclear weapons. They must feel that they are in imminent danger.

Of course there is no danger as long as they don't possess weapons of mass destruction. We wouldn't invade another country without provocation, would we? I'm sure the rest of the world feels safe and secure with our compassionate, level headed leadership. We only want to help them, whether or not they want help. The people will welcome us if we rescue them from their evil oppressors, just like they did in Iraq. I'm sure we will think things through much better next time and even have an exit policy.

Besides, that's what an army's for - isn't it?

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