Wednesday, January 12, 2005

January 12, 2005 a winter's day

Yesterday someone said "I can’t wait till Spring". They really hate the winter and the gray and the cold. But in the process of discarding a whole season waiting for a better one, they are wishing away a good portion of their life. What if we did this with all of the undesirable moments in our lives? We could wish away many of the years of school and all the things we learned. We could wish away the hours of work and miss all the relationships that develop there. By the time we wished away all the supposedly bad times we wouldn’t have much left to enjoy. It’s better to look for the joy in each moment. There is some beauty in the world around us - just look for it. There is something to enjoy today - you just need to find it. Have a bright and cheery, lovely winter’s day.

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  1. time stolen..................
    for some of us the dreary & grey & cold can become almost life-stopping....hence our move from the verdant greenery (& grey dreary weather) of the pacific northewest to the bright sunshine & very wide open spaces of the desert southwest (where one has to realy look to see the abdunant life & tiny greenery)

    seasonal depression robs us of the time (& experiences) of good portion of our lives withour us even trying to wish it just doesn't even happen which I think is so very much worse......