Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday January 28, 2005 Thinking of mountains

Whenever I want to slip away from the worries of the world, I think of mountains. When you get up in the timeless mountains, away from cities and roads and people, you feel your presence in this life diminish and all the petty worries disappear. No matter what great accomplishments or destruction mankind does on this earth, the mountains survive and they bear witness to our passing. They were there long before we came and will be there long after we are gone. They, too, will eventually grow old and wear down but their time frame makes ours insignificant.

There is a peace and cleanliness in the mountains from forests and streams and blue skies and white clouds. I like to go there and become a rock. You just sit and become part of the landscape. Sometimes the wildlife will accept your presence and you will see them peacefully going about their business. It's a feeling that you never lose.

When the world becomes too much for you, think of mountains and breathe the mountain air.

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