Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday December 19, 2006 Sometimes you wonder


The rise in wholesale energy costs was led by a 17.9 percent jump in gasoline prices, the biggest increase since June 2000. Natural gas for home use, home heating oil and diesel fuel costs all posted big gains at the wholesale level as well.

The 1.3 percent rise in core wholesale inflation was the biggest one-month gain since a similar 1.3 percent rise in July 1980.

Isn't it interesting how energy costs fell until right after the election?

It's probably just a coincidence. No one would deliberately try to control the cost of energy for political gain, would they? I'm sure the big energy companies just have our best interests at heart. They are more interested in our welfare than they are in profits, aren't they? They probably don't even care who is elected to what post. How could political pundits affect the energy companies? Who, besides Cheney and Bush, was ever connected to the energy businesses?

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