Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday December 1, 2006 Winter is

Snow, lovely snow, delightful to watch as it falls, wonderful to observe covering the trees and fields, but ugly to drive in.

We had about 6” of snow (up to 12” in some areas) and it looks nice and bright and clean today. The first snow of the new winter season is always exciting. Of course the weather turned much colder – last week it was in the 60s and now it's in the low teens. It was great watching a fire in the fireplace last night while a winter storm was blowing outside. Now we must face the aftermath – slick streets and sidewalks, horrible traffic and bitter cold. Winter is here early.

Now that everyone is sick of leftover turkey, it's time to think of Christmas – a pleasant thought. Christmas seems to draw out the kid in each of us. It must be the decorations and the music and the gift giving that reminds us of our childhood. It was a time of wonder and anticipation and of family. Everyone seemed to be just a bit friendlier at this time of the year. It's hard to single out a particular Christmas memory – they all were special in their own way. When I was young, it was all about what I would get from Santa. Later, it was about what I would give to those I loved. Now it's wonderful to watch the youngsters and their joy and to remember when I was the same. It really isn't what you get or what you give – it's all about the joy of sharing and the wonder of the season and the hope.

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