Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday December 21, 2006 My newsletter

Okay, I haven't done it yet but it looks like everyone else is doing it – so I better.

I'm talking about the Christmas newsletters that everyone is sending out. I think they are really great and it's nice to know what has been happening to my friends and relatives – you feel a bit closer. I have been delinquent in doing the same. My life isn't filled with thrills and spills, but it is comfortable and friendly. I have never felt like everyone really wants to know what I have been up to but, since I appreciate knowing about their lives, I will try.

This year, 2006, has been a quietly active year.

January I was fighting a bad cold

February I was making bad investments in my IRA Switched into safe investments (Canadian trusts)

March I started a diet (lost 15 pounds)
Had some chest pains and spent 1 night in hospital (first time ever in hospital)
Had a lot of tests run but couldn't find anything wrong

April Drove down to Albuquerque to visit my daughter and son-in-law for 2 weeks (gained back 10 pounds)

May Worked for one week preparing steel estimate (too long out of the business – not again) Started diet again (through September lost 24 pounds)

June Daugher and grandson from Wyoming spent 3 weeks with me (zoo, fireworks, park)

July Recovering and dieting

August Began house remodeling – wallpaper removed, all walls and ceilings painted, bathroom tiles replaced, put up murals in entry and living room, changed light fixtures

September Continued remodeling

October Continued remodeling (gained 5 pounds)
Cousins from Minnesota dropped by for a nice visit on their way to Branson
Had a big drop in what I thought was safe investment (Canadian trusts)

November Enrolled in Medicare (finally, after going without insurance – a big relief) Daughter and son-in-law from New Mexico flew in for Thanksgiving holiday Had annual birthday dinner at Jess & Jims steak house (all sisters and brothers) (gained 5 pounds)

December Preparing for Christmas with sisters and brother (a wonderful time of the year) Preparing for back surgery in early January (30 year old injury from skiing finally needs repair) (gained 5 pounds)

All in all, it was a bad year for investments and dieting and a good year to see a lot of my relatives. My house now looks like I want it to on the inside and I feel very comfortable there.

I have a mural in the entryway of a woodland waterfall with ceiling spotlights really showing it off well. In the living room, I have a mural of a deep woods and it lends an aire of peace and relaxation to the area. Elsewhere in the house I have enlarged and framed some of my favorite scenic pictures that I took in different areas of the country – they remind me of other times and places. My daughters and son-in-laws and I have grown to become great friends – it took a while, but it was well worth it. They are wonderful people. My sisters and brother and I get together just about every week for a bit and we all care very much about each other.

If you haven't figured it out yet, you're listening to a very happy man.
The only other thing I can say is “MERRY CHRISTMAS”!

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