Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday December 12. 2006 When all is said and done

When all is said and done, it's not about the “things” you've gotten or the “wealth” you've amassed or the fancy car or the fancy house you've acquired.

These things are nice, but they aren't that important after years have passed and newness has worn off. It's all about the people you've met and the memories you have created.

Christmas is like life – you get pretty stressed out trying to get presents for all the people on your lists and going to all the functions and decorating and sending out cards – and when it's all over, the only thing that really mattered was the friendship and good feelings you shared. All the “things” associated with Christmas are just fancy window dressing. It's all about the pleasant memories of friends and family getting together or talking on the phone or sending letters and renewing old ties. The presents get soon forgotten and all the hubbub wears you down till you have that after-Christmas letdown. But, the love you shared feels warm and good way down deep inside. You can carry that feeling with you for all your years – it's that good. I don't remember all the presents that I received as a child, but I do remember the smiles and the hugs and happiness that surrounded me when Christmas came. It's that warmth and glow that I want to rekindle each Christmas.

In life, it's the same. When you get older and friends and relations have passed out of your life, it's not the “things” you acquired but the memories of times gone by. That's the warmth and glow you carry with you into the twilight.

Have a Merry Christmas and treasure the good feelings. Smile a lot and hug a friend.

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