Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday December 18, 2006 Forget what?

I did it again last night.

I had one of those great, monumental, change-the-world insights that dawn on you in the middle of the night --- and I didn't write it down.

Now it's lost with all those other great thoughts that whisper by when you least expect them. I knew that I should write this wonderful thought down on paper, but I was sure that I would remember it and pass it along to all those loyal bloggers out there today.

I apologize, for I can't seem to find a thread of that great fabric my mind wove last night. I'm absolutely sure that it would have been a great boon to someone out there and would probably have changed their life forever, but now they are chained to their current situation without hope.

I must say, though, that sometimes the thoughts that I have scrawled down on paper in the middle of the night didn't always make a lot of sense – or the logic had a few flaws in it. But, I'm sure that last night's thought was really stupendous. It's comforting to know that your mind is still able to compose these great works of mental agility even though it won't let you remember them.

Maybe someday, with the proper drugs, I can bring my thought processes into alignment with my memory – if I don't forget.

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