Friday, March 31, 2006

Saturday April 1, 2006 Tis my day!

Oh happy day!
They do have one day a year just for me. I can be a fool today and get away with it. It's expected of me!! You notice they didn't make a May grumpy day for you or a June sleepy day for him or even a July dopey day for the other fellow - NO, they just made my day for me. Yes, I freely admit it – I'm the April fool for which this day is named. I've always been an April fool – I fell in love with April in my youth. I just want to hug April and frolic about – maybe fly a kite or sing in the rain. When you're an April fool, you can do any silly thing you feel like doing (people may frown, but under their breath they will mutter “look at that April fool”. I used to be a young fool, so I got a lot more frowns. Now that I'm an old fool, people just shake their heads and walk away.

Enjoy my day. I give permission to any and all of you to celebrate the April fool in each of your souls. We may be fools, but at least we'll be having fun.

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  1. happy happy fool's day

    may yours be wonderful and full of fun