Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday March 17, 2006 Was Saint Patrick really Happy

Happy Saint Patrick's day!
The question is: "Was he really happy?". Did he really drive all the snakes out of Ireland? Did he really like green beer? Did he ever participate in his own parade? I think maybe he had a great publicist and we are left with the hype. But, it is an excuse to get Irish and to get Crazy.

I remember as a young college fellow getting the green tongue from drinking all the green beer. Those were the days! You could stay up all night partying and carrying on and still take on the work or study of the following day with your head half on your shoulders. I got an email the other day from one of my fraternity brothers of those long ago days. It brought back many wonderful memories of days gone by when I lived each day to the fullest with very few worries and very few obligations. We shared some glorious hours together back then. St Patrick's Day would have been just another excuse to celebrate our youth and our lives with vigor and recklessness. We were lucky to survive, but we did have fun.

St Patrick was a roman citizen from Britain who converted many of the Celts on Ireland to Christianity. I think his day was originally a celebration of his accomplishments, but it has now been adopted all over the world as a day of Celtic celebration - a day when everybody can celebrate the bit of Irish in himself. Have a happy day.

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