Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday March 3, 2006 There is always tomorrow

The pain I had the other day made me sit up and take notice.

It turned out not to be a “killer” pain, but I didn't know that when it came. I suddenly realized that I had put off way too many things for the future. I had a will form and a living will form, all ready to fill out but put off till some future date. I had an idea of creating a list of accounts and resources and deeds and getting everything organized, but I had put that off till some future date. There was a long list of things that I had put off till some future date and when I was heading over to the hospital, I figured it might be too late.

It worried me.

Luckily everything turned out well and now I have time to get organized and leave things in order in case anything happens. I have never been one to keep a neat and tidy desk. I always know where to find things, but it would be a tremendous job for someone else to sort through and find important documents and such. Now that I've had a warning, I know that I really shouldn't put these things off any further.

One of these days I will get everything organized and labeled and easily found. I'll even get my will and living will made out. I have these things on my list now so that relieves me quite a bit. I've had a list for some time now which includes cleaning my bedroom.
I'm going to do that – very soon.
I need to clean out the garage too, once it gets nice.
I would clean out the basement, but my back gives me quite a bit of trouble. I have that on the list too.
The attic fan quit working about 10 years ago and I need to fix that.
The faucet in the kitchen leaks a bit, so that needs some fixing.
I really should paint the ceilings and have new walpaper put up.
The carpeting needs cleaning.

When I get to thinking about it, the list just keeps on growing.

Maybe it's bad to make lists – too much pressure. If you don't think about it, it won't worry you. There, that feels better. What worries? What list? I think I'll go watch some TV and rest my back.

There is always tomorrow.


  1. Bob, it sounds as though you live at my house!

    We need to....
    clean several messy desks
    fix leaky faucets
    repair and repaint walls
    finish refinishing both bathrooms
    shampoo carpets
    ....and this is but a beginning!

    I like this list better!

    write a nice note to Bob
    call my Dad and tell him I love him
    make mud pies
    create art
    dance with the dog
    read a good book

    See? Lists don't have to be all bad!

    I'm just playing with ya Bob! I get where you are coming from and I'm so glad to hear that you are going be ok...

  2. Jerri,
    you must be one of those intelligent, artistic souls like me. It's only wonderful people like us who can appreciate the joy of clutter. Relax on!

  3. clutter, of a sort is reflective of a creative mind.... clutter, of another sort, is a sign of a messy/dirty house & too much of either is a drag on the creative process ....

    so keep the list very short... pick one thing to do today & do it

    see there, you win, you did it! It's done!

    and tomorrow another little thing can come off the list