Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Wednesday January 4, 2006 A different year?

It's another new year.

I've been through a few of these. You always hope for the best, but often you just get another mediocre year much like the last one. The world will focus on the new tragedies and the new wars and the new catastrophes while overlooking the starving and helpless people and situations that occur. We just don't seem to learn from our past mistakes. We spend so much of our present and future building armies and navies and missiles and fighter planes and bombs and bullets and so little on helping ourselves to a healthier, happier future. We have done it over and over and over for centuries and centuries. We talk peace and brotherhood while threatening each other with bigger and bigger clubs. I doubt that there has been a year in our history where some country on this earth was not at war with another.

Maybe this year will be different.

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  1. I continue to believe that the seeds of peace have already been sown in each one of us.
    I sense that you have been a good gardner Bob!
    May we both continue to be good gardners in the year to come!