Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday January 26, 2006 BOB

BOB is such a perfect word.
There are no wasted letters – no frills – ya get what ya see. It's the same backwards and forwards. It can only sound like it sounds (oh, I suppose some might try to sound it like BOHB, but they would be stretching out a perfectly formed word). Even if you sound it wrong, there is no denying what you are saying. See how it trips out of your mouth so quickly and cleanly – no fumbling with the tongue or pursing the lips. It's got such a great sound. It is distinct and can't be confused with any other sound – it is “bob” - the perfect word.

Unlike GEORGE with all the unsounded letters and twisting of the lips and grimacing. Why haven't we ever had a president with the name of Bob? Now there's a name you can trust.

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  1. Oh Bob, some mornings you are just the breath of fresh air I need to jumpstart my day!