Friday, January 06, 2006

Friday January 6, MMVI Sorting it all out

Day and night, thoughts race through my mind.

At night I dream strange concoctions of former friends in unfamiliar places with current problems. I don't remember my dreams, but I know that they are always there. Sometimes when I wake up at night, I remain immersed in my dream of the moment and know that it will continue so long as I don't completely wake up. The next morning, I'm lucky to remember that I was dreaming at all.

Throughout the day, my mind wanders with no direction from this memory to that person to this object to that situation to this image or that song. My mind seems to be sorting out all the data that has collected in my brain over all the years and is trying to make sense of it all. Mostly, life just happens. You have certain long term plans and certain short term activities, but life happens from moment to moment with little guidance other than a general direction you decide to go in. Structure breaks down when you least expect it and life seems to flow by while you watch. I've collected many images and memories and many plans over all the years. My brain has much to sort out.

I don't expect any startling revelations if and when my brain ever completes it's task. I just hope that I'm left with pleasant memories to think about and happy songs to hum.

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