Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday January 25, 2006 Superfluousity

My sister's name is Carole.

I got to thinking about that. The "e" at the end is what they call superfluous. Her middle name is Anne. Guess what?

I got to thinking about the word superfluous. If a letter or word is superfluous does that mean another letter or word is fluous? I looked up fluous – no such name. If you can't have fluous, why can you have superfluous? Maybe there should be underfluous – no such luck.

I sure would like to talk to the man who invented our language. Nobody takes credit for inventing it. Maybe someone should copyright the english language and straighten it out.

You could make a lot of money that way, charging each person for each word. You would need to hire the government to help spy on people to make sure of their word usage. I think they already have the apparatus in place. If you didn't have the money, you couldn't write or speak english. Of course, you might want to rename it – maybe Robert. That's it, you could all talk Robert.

It would be a lot better than speaking Carole, with a superfluous letter.

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  1. Carole - What a wonderful name! It flows mellifluously off the tongue.

    Carole - the proper way to spell it as evidenced by a beautiful example, Carole Lombard.

    Bye the waye, my "Ann" has no 'e', superfluous or otherwise.