Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tuesday October 30, 2007....Better now than never

Bush never vetoed a spending bill when Republicans controlled Congress, but he's itching to do so now to demonstrate toughness on spending. He's a few trillion dollars late in doing so.
Bush warned Congress not to bother sending him another version of a children's health insurance bill that he will not sign. Why help the poor children with taxes on the wealthy?
Bush said he would veto a potential Democratic bill that would bundle together three massive spending bills for defense matters, veterans affairs and the labor, education and health departments. He thinks it's his ball and he wants to make up the rules for the game.

He really believes it is HIS government and that HE should be in complete control. He doesn't want to recognize that he is the head of just one of the three branches of government. Congress should have as much power as he does and the courts should have stopping power over both him and Congress when they pass laws or perform functions outside the parameters of the constitution. For the past six years he has pretty much done what he wanted to do without anyone stopping him. Finally we have a congress not completely under his control. I just hope that they stand up to him and keep standing up to him. They have to make the man blink first. He is on such a power trip and doen't recognize his mistakes and won't listen to others – they need to make him sit up and take notice. Without controls, he has pushed this country far off the path they should be following. It's time to correct our course.

But, other than that, it's a fine autumn day and the leaves are turning from green to gold. Sunny days and cool nights. I really need to quit reading the newspaper and quit watching the news. What's left of the woodlands and streams are lovely this time of the year and should be enjoyed while they still can be. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

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