Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday October 29, 2007....Sounding like a broken record

I know, I know. I sound like a broken record.
Does anyone even know what a broken record sounds like anymore? Maybe I should say I sound like a scratched CD – saying the same thing over and over again. Sorry about that.

I just get so discouraged when supposedly intelligent people repeat stupid mistakes. People who spent millions of dollars convincing us how well they will run our country then spend billions of dollars wastefully. Instead of shouting into the wind, which always upsets my neighbors, I use this blog to vent my frustration.

I keep thinking that somewhere there is a perfect world where everyone is looking out for everyone else and no one is selfish or hurtful. I haven't found it except in my closest family members. I wish the leaders of the world could be as friendly and unselfish as my family. Won't happen! Over the years I've seen the special interests become more and more blatant with their demands and more and more selfish in their desires. It seems that politeness has been forgotten and now everyone has grown grabby. Take what you can when you can and let others look out for themselves. In the process, we lose a bit of our humanity and become statistics.

I miss the days when we at least tried to keep up the appearance of civility and decorum. Those days are now of the past. I'm not sure why we lost them but we are now the Ugly American that we dreaded many years ago. My hope is that life will recycle and that what goes around comes around and someday we will see a better world.

I am not foolish – I won't hold my breath – I'll just keep hoping.

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