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Wednesday November 7, 2007...Stages of Life

Stages of Life

It seems we all pass through the same stages of life. Even within the various stages of life, we pass through similar sub-stages. It can't be helped, it varies in time with each person but it does happen.

We pass through the learning stage from childhood to young adult. It is the preparatory time when we learn where our skills lay and choose how we will apply them.

After reaching the apex of our learning stage and being the “top dog” in that part of life, we progress to the novice stage. This is where we are first applying the skills and knowledge we have picked up in our learning stage. We are at the bottom of the heap just learning how the system works.

After the novice stage, we are accepted into the competent or journeyman stage of life. This is where you have picked up enough learning and picked up enough training to be able to perform competently and are recognized as such. You have become capable in your chosen profession.

After the competent stage, we enter the experienced and knowledgeable stage. You are recognized as experienced and valued for your knowledge. Your advice is requested from competents and novices around you and you are able to give wise advice. This is the stage you worked toward all these years.

The next stage is the retired stage. Many people have a hard time giving up the experienced stage to assume this restful but calming stage. You have left the main part of the workforce and now have the time to pursue hobbies and interests that may not be financially rewarding but are interesting to you. Your advice is no longer sought out and you tend to drift towards others at your same stage in life. In some countries people at this stage are still revered for their knowledge and past experiences, but not so much in the United States. There is much wisdom set aside here.

The last stage is the elderly stage. This can be a very difficult stage. Your body and sometimes your mind are becoming weaker and less controllable. You notice that your generation is fading away and that the world has changed, not always for the better. There are less and less compatriots to interact with and your world seems to shrink. Your family and friends become much more valuable to you and you come to accept the inevitability of life and death. Memories are very important.

I have reached the retired stage. I helped my parents through their elderly stage and helped my children through their learning stage and into their novice stage. I accept my past life as it happened with its successes and its failures and carry hope ahead in the years to come. I have already created a lifetime of memories and a lifetime of love, so I am ready for whatever comes next.

Life is good sometimes. Look for the joy.

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