Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday April 13, 2006 Sprinters and plodders

Some of you are sprinters, some of us are not.

I've always been able to lock out the world and give a problem my full attention. It's a blessing sometimes and sometimes a curse. My one-track mind helped me in the business world when I was a project manager and had to work out complex timeing problems of construction. In the everyday world of multi-tasking, it was a hindrance. I determined long ago that some of us are sprinters and able to go full out for a short time with maximum benefit immediately and some of us plod along willing to work out all the details and take the time to find just the right solution. Those of us who plod can't often dash, but we do accomplish difficult tasks. We may not have the flash pizazz of the dasher, but they don't often have the ability to stick with the problem as long as we can. We need both in this tricky world of ours. There isn't always a quick fix for a problem and that's where the plodders come into their own. But, when there is a need for an immediate solution, it's time for the sprinter to shine.

You sprinters go on ahead and us plodders will eventually catch up and together we will solve most of the problems presented to us.

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  1. your daughter has a bit of both--
    the thought processes of a sprinter to see the bigger picture
    and the attention to detail of a plodder

    a blessing and a curse

    depending on the job that has to be done