Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday April 9, 2006 Good Grief?

There are so few people in our lives that we feel we can be completely honest and open with. We leave our true inner selves exposed and vulnerable to these few trusted people.
We hold a true and abiding love in these few people and they are our backup when we need to share our fears and hopes with someone. They are our support system. They are necessary and vital to our lives.

That's why it hurts so deeply when one of these few people are taken from our lives. We have a hollow spot down deep inside that will always remain empty. It takes time for us to harden ourselves around this deep and empty wound. There is much to grieve and only time will allow us to adjust. We live in the past with the hopes and love and dreams that we once shared. It's difficult to turn our hearts away from what was and will be no longer to an uncertain future, but this we must do. We don't know what lies ahead, but we must look for the joy that may be just around the next corner. We must not curl up into a fetal ball and cower from the life that remains. We must lift our heads and look ahead. The earth holds many marvels for us to view and feel and smell. There is more to learn and more to share. Treasure the memory of what was, but don't let the memory blind you to the beauty that still remains.

Whatever time remains is a gift to be explored.

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