Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday April 3, 2006 It's great to be a kid again!

This is just like the summer vacations I never got to spend as a teenager.

I started working parttime in the summers when I was 14. By the time I was 16 I had a steady parttime job throughout the summer and parttime weekends and some nights during the week. I worked steady throughout my life (except for my major trip) till I was 62. I always envied my friends who didn't have to work while going to high school or college. They had plenty of time to study and to play. That would have been a dream life. My Dad started working when he was 18 and worked steady till he was 68. My Granddad started working when he was 15 and worked steady till he was 68. I feel like I'm cheating a bit right now, because I get to enjoy the springtime weather and I'm not even 65 yet. I'm just like a kid again. It's great to just sit back and watch the clouds roll by without a worry in the world – no pressure – no great wants or needs. Life is good. I'm looking forward to visiting my daughters in New Mexico and in Wyoming. Maybe I can get up into the Rockies again this year and become a “rock” for a short time. I want to get out to see the redwoods again soon and enjoy the Oregon coast. There is so much I have seen and that I would like to revisit. There is much beauty in this nation and many wonderful people once you get away from the furor of the cities.

It's great to be a kid again!

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  1. 16 years ago, I had my first child.

    That's when my real childhood began....

    For over a decade and a half I've been blessed to spend my time exploring spider webs and bird's nests.

    Everything in this world holds untold secrets and amazing promise when seen through the eyes of a child...

    By the time my children are grown, I figure I will be in the early stages of adulthood, reliving my 20's all over again!

    If you make to Oregon any time in the future Bob, let me know! We don't have fancy digs, but you are welcome here!