Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Tuesday June 13, 2005 Attitude

Work can be a drag or it can be a wonderfully satisfying career.

It's more of an attitude toward work than the work itself that makes a difference.
Once you figure out that you really need to work in order to survive and you have found the best job available to you at this moment, then you need to make an adjustment in attitude and start enjoying what you have to do. At that very moment, you are where you have chosen to be because of circumstances. If not, make another choice. Life doesn't take you kicking and dragging into these situations, YOU make the choices. If another choice is not available at this time, make the most of what life has given you and try to be happy.

Of couse you could just stay grouchy and complain a lot and see what kind of life that brings to you.

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  1. Hi.
    Now I am a student in Japan and learning English every day.
    However, my skils of English do not improve so much. Therefore, I have problems. Recently, I sometimes think I do not want to study...
    However, I can get something important for me.
    I will change my mind and enjoy learning by changing my attitude for studying.
    Thank you!!