Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thursday June 9, 2005 Power failure

Last night I had a power failure from 9 PM till afternoon today - powerful storms passing through. When you're sitting there in the dark without a surrounding sound and without a llight to guide you, you tend to let your mind wander. No distractions, no fill-ins to waste your time. Perhaps we all need a power failure at one time or another in our lives to refocus. We seem to drift forward in our lives, generally following a direction we think we want to go.

Each decision you make in life can be compared to a "Y" in the road you are following through life. You choose to the best of your abilities, with advice from others or following a road map, which way to go. Once you have made that decision, you are now following a new road. There are no "wrong" decisions - there are just decisions to be made at various junctions of your life. Those decisions you made in the past have brought you to this point in life and made you the person you are today. The road ahead is clear and uncluttered and you are free to choose which way to go from here forward. As long as you go forward with your eyes wide open, making your own choices, you'll get somewhere close to where you want to go. Just make sure you are following your path and not someone else's.


  1. keep a candle lit for those nights......then the dark isn't just the dark but a force to work with and the shadows are places to put our secrets or protect our thoughts

    and if nothing else a candle is a place to watch so our mind can wnader in the dark & find out a bit more aobut itself

  2. Don't fall asleep with that candle going tho. LOL

    This is a complete non sequiturm but in choosing a career, it's often said, "do what you love". Well I say just the oppostite. Nothing will take the joy out of something faster then that dreaded obligated feeling.