Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday June 3, 2005 Stupid Cleaning!

When you clean one thing, it makes the next thing seem dirty and before you know what you're doing you've taken on cleaning the whole darn area. I just wanted to clean out a file cabinet and get rid of things piled up on it. Once the file cabinet was clean it made the adjoining desk look unorganized. I had stuff on that desk that I was sure I lost years ago. I had stuff on that desk that I didn't even know I had. Where did it all come from? I finally just shoved everything into a box and took it into another room to sort out. That just left me with a dirty topped desk, but at least it looked organized. By the time I sorted out the box and forced myself to throw out perfectly good stuff that was just a few years past expiration dates, I had a fairly heavy trash bag to set out by the curb. Now I have a smaller box of sorted GOOD things to store away somewhere. Meanwhile, I guess now I'll have to clean out the stack of books and papers that were under and beside the desk (because there wasn't room ON the desk). After that, I'll probably have to clean the rug and then paint the walls. Supid Cleaning!

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