Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday November 25, 2011...781,660 to 1

A great infographic. A notable stat is that the U.S.'s 400 richest people have a greater combined net worth than the country's bottom 50%.

As of today's date, the United States has a total resident population of 312,664,000


population of California 37,253,956/781660=47.66
population of Texas 25,145,561/781660=32.17
population of New York 19,378,102/781660=24.79
population of Florida 18,801,310/781660=24.05
population of Ohio 11,536,504/781660=14.76
population of Missouri 5,988,927/781660= 7.66
population of Oklahoma 3,751,351/781660= 4.80
population of Maine 1,316,470/781660= 1.67
population of Wyoming 563,626/781660= 0.72

population of New York City 8,175,133/781660=10.46
population of Los Angelos 3,792,621/781660= 4.85
population of Chicago 2,695,598/781660= 3.45
population of Dallas 1,197,816/781660= 1.53
population of San Francisco 805,235/781660= 1.03
population of Washington D.C. 601,723/781660= 0.77
population of Kansas City 459,787/781660= 0.59

So 48 of the richest people have a combined net worth greater than the equivalent wealth of all Californians
or 11 of the richest people have a combined net worth greater than the equivalent wealth of all New Yorkers
or one of the richest people has a net worth greater than the equivalent wealth of all the folks in Washington.

These people have accumulated this wealth from all of our efforts and have amassed all of this wealth and it's accompanying power to the detriment of our greater society. And they want more. They don't want to pay taxes to the society that allowed them to acquire this wealth. They feel that they don't owe us anything. They figure that their efforts are worth more than the efforts of 781,660 people who have worked all their lives for the few things they have.

There is something way out of balance in our society and it is tilting strongly in the wrong direction. What would happen if all of the 781,660 folks stopped working for the one and started sharing between themselves and left the one out of the circle? Would the one care? Would he just gather up whatever he had that was portable and leave? How would he be able to survive without the efforts of the society around him? Communications? Travel? Clothing? Food? The basic necessities of life? Does the one owe something to the many? Aren't we all involved in survival of each other? How did one gain so much more than the many?

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