Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday December 10, 2011...Blog or Facebook?

I'm thoroughly confused. I started my blog years ago, before Facebook was around. It was a good place to write down my feelings – happiness, sadness, frustration and anger and to get it out of my system and to share those feelings with whomever cared to read my blog. But, since the advent of Facebook, I find myself sharing little snippets of feelings and referring to articles I've read over my Facebook page in lieu of expounding on my blog. I'm not sure which system really works best for me. The snippets on Facebook disappear, or get buried, after such a short time and then soon get forgotten while the blog entries are there to be read and referred to again and again. Of course, who wants to listen to the frustrations and anger of a particular event or time-frame over and over again? My anger at the Iraq war has tempered with it's diminished effort and my frustration with the Afghanistan war has been relegated to a lower position with the new Occupy movement and the political deadlock. I guess there will always be things to be upset about and things that we have no control over, but wish we could change. Often my focus is towards the negatives and I tend to ignore all the positives that my life contains. I guess I just wish that all men were angels and that we all cared for and looked after each other. There will always be greedy men and there will always be bullies and it is up to the rest of us to help control them.

Anyway, until I can figure out whether to stick strictly to Facebook or to my blog I will stumble along with both and hope for the best. It's still a good way to discuss your thoughts and feelings and to share with others. I find that many folks have a hard time expressing what they feel, but they will either agree with my or debate with me so I suppose I can be a catalyst for them and help them more clearly define their thoughts.

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