Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sunday November 6, 2011...Come the revolt

Per Robert Reich:

"Diffident Democrats on the Supercommittee have already signaled a willingness to cut Medicare, Social Security, and much else that Americans depend on. The deal is being held up by Regressive Republicans who won’t raise taxes on the rich – not even a tiny bit.
President Obama, meanwhile, is out on the stump trying to sell his “jobs bill” – which would, by the White House’s own estimate, create fewer than 2 million jobs. Yet 14 million people are out of work, and another 10 million are working part-time who’d rather have full-time jobs.
Republicans have already voted down his jobs bill anyway.
The disconnect between Washington and the rest of the nation hasn’t been this wide since the late 1960s. "

And you wonder why the Occupy Wall Street crowds are growing?  Our politicians have lost touch with the people and are only answering to their wealthy supporters.  What's fair and what's right doesn't seem to be realized by them - hence the coming revolt.
Interesting times ahead probably.  Hopefully not too dismal.  

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