Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesday January 2, MMVIII...Not at all.

"My resolution for the New Year is this: to work with Congress to keep our economy growing, to keep your tax burden low, and to ensure that the money you send to Washington is spent wisely -- or not at all," Bush said.

I could have sworn he said "not at all wisely". Isn't that the pattern for the last 7 years? Why break tradition. Why pay for schools and health when we can have a war instead?

Spain was there, France was there, England was there, now we are there - We are the king of the hill. Soon, someone else will be there and we will try to find our new place in the line, much like England has done since World War II.

Once that takes place, our frivolous spending will come back to haunt us and I'm afraid it won't be long now. China and India are gaining momentum.

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