Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday January 24, 2008...What! Me worry?

I figured that the powers that be wouldn't let the market drop too far or to allow us to slip into a major recession quite yet. It wouldn't be politically expedient. Now, after the next election, it will be a completely different situation. Until then, taxes will be lowered, the government printing presses will be pressed into overtime and inflation will be allowed to raise it's ugly head. That way, the Democrats will have a major recession and inflation and unemployment all to deal with at the same time and the Republican can say “See what happens when you elect Democrats?”. I just wish that all politicians would have to leave their party loyalties behind and act for the betterment of all Americans. We are too much a government of parties and special interests and it isn't about the people at all.

Meanwhile we, the people, have some hard knocks ahead. We have overspent ourselves and find ourselves in debt way over our heads, individually and nationally. Inflation will diminish the value of the debt but will hurt us all with higher prices and less jobs. Look ahead to higher energy costs, higher food costs and less availability. A little stocking up now on essentials would not be unwise, but you can't stock up on everything and you can't buy ahead all that you will need. During the great depression, families and friends had to pitch in together to help make it through. Last time we had the government less involved and they were able to help bail us out. This time the government is totally involved from the start and they will fall with us. The almighty dollar may not be so high and mighty when all is said and done.

But who really knows the future? And who can say the past will be repeated once more? Maybe the future will be all lollipops and butterflies and someone will discover a free source of energy and we'll all be able to live free.

That's what dreams are for -- to counteract the nightmares and realities.

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