Saturday, January 12, 2008

Saturday January 12, 2008...In sickness and in health

Sickness and health, poverty and wealth, birth and death – all a part of life. You never know what life will bring and you don't always enjoy what you have until you don't have it. Once something of value is removed from your life, you realize how important that something was and how much you took it for granted. You know that if you get it back again, you will always appreciate it more, but when you recover from the sickness or climb out of debt you forget too soon the pangs that once you had.

We all know that life holds some dangers in store for us, we just don't know when we will have to face them. We seem to take for granted the good health and whatever wealth we may accrue and forget those times when we had neither. We all know that death ultimately will come and take us away, but we don't cherish each and every day of life that we live.

Winter is a time to reflect on the glorious days of summer, but once summer comes, we will complain about the heat and stay inside. When we are sick, we moan and groan and complain, but when health returns we spend our bodies sometimes unwisely. When we have a little extra money, we seem to fritter it away on unessentials and soon there is no extra. Where did the money go, where did our health go, where did our lives go.

Enjoy the moment. Enjoy what health you have, Enjoy what life you have.
Spend what you have - wisely.

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