Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday September 25, 2007.....Autumn reflections

Autumn has arrived.

Those lazy hazy days of summer have all passed away.

We have a nice fall rain today and a cool breeze.
The parched earth and the husks of brown grass are greedily absorbing the gentle rain and soon I will have to go out and once again mow grass. I won't mind because it will be cooler and the fall leaves will have started to brighten up the neighborhood. Kids are back in school and the neighborhood is quieter now. Now and then a few fallen leaves are blown down the empty street and I enjoy the peace and quiet of fall.

Fall is harvest time and a time of reflection – a good time in the midwest to remember autumns past. It's a time of football and school events. It's a time of opening up the house and letting the stale summer air be replaced by the moist cool autumn air. Soon enough the leaves will all fall down and winter will approach but for right now it's a great time to enjoy the beauty of nature.

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