Monday, September 03, 2007

Monday 09/03/2007 Labor Day A Good Life

I was reviewing some of the thousands of pictures I have stored in my computer and each one refreshed a memory of another place, person or time.

I really like my memories. I'm very happy with the life I've lived and the places I've been and the people I've known. It's been an excellent life up to now and I wouldn't change a single moment. All the moments and all the memories brought me to this very instant and made me who I am today and I'm happy with myself and the life I've lived. What more can I say? What more could I have wished for?

I'm surrounded by family who I love and who love me and I have great memories of friends I've made along the way and the moments we have shared. Some friends are active in my life today and some aren't, but they know that they remain my friends and when we meet again we resume our friendship without hesitation.

I wish all my friends and family could have as good a life as I have had. Hopefully most will.

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