Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday February 1, 2006 The State of George

What is the benefit of a doubt?

The dictionary says that doubt as a noun is a lack of trust.
What is the benefit of a lack of trust?

The news says that many voters gave George the benefit of a doubt in the last election because they thought he was sincere and strong and could be trusted.
Now he gets no such benefit from a majority of the voters.

We are now being guided by a man who we do not trust. We accepted many of his statements and arguments with trust and faith that he knew more than we did about what was going on and that he had a plan to solve the problems. It is obvious now that the only people who have benefitted from his presidency are the rich and powerful. We have lost many of our good paying jobs, we have lost our health coverage, we have added to our debt, our future looks uncertain, but definitely not brighter. We face mounting problems with no plan that will solve them.

His state of the union speech acknowledged no mistakes. He points to those who disagree with him as being unpatriotic. He says we must stay the course (even if the course is misguided and off course). He has three more years to help scrap more of our programs and shift the wealth permanenttly from the poor and middle class to the wealthy.

Trust me, he says. Would he lie to you?
What is his real agenda?

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