Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday February 26, 2006 Thank God

I'm not one to push religion on anyone. I believe that every person can believe whatever they want to – it won't really change what truly IS.

But, God and I were having this discussion the other day (actually, I was talking to God and hopefully He was listening), and I remembered when I would talk to Him every day when I was on my trip around the country. Each day was a miracle and the beauty that surrounded me was breathtaking and I let God know how much I appreciated everything He had set forth before me. I don't talk to God as often now and I know that I should. It seems that each time I talk now, I'm apologizing for not having spoken lately. I get so wrapped up in ME and MY events that I forget to talk to HIM. (I know God is far beyond gender and name, God is the all powerful force and reason for all that exists, but I feel more comfortable thinking of God as HIM and God doesn't seem to mind). I thank Him for all the help He has given me and all my family, we seem to have been blessed. I thank Him for smiting me on occasion when I need to learn a lesson. I don't hold any grudges against God for any mishaps that might occur during my life, I trust Him to have reasons for all events. Actually, I think that He lets us pretty much do our thing and observes most of the time. I don't believe that the earth and the human race are all that important to Him in the overall scheme of things, but I do believe that He is big enough and powerful enough to intercede whenever He wishes. The power of prayer (what I call coversations with God) can't be overlooked. You don't get everything you pray for and it doesn't always happen when you wish, but it does seem that many prayers get answered. That's why I talk to Him and thank Him and ask for His help when there is noone else to turn to.

God is really a GOOD guy. I don't believe there is an evil thought that exists in Him. Everything that God is involved with is a good thing and is part of His plan. I believe that any evil that exists is created by the human race. We flounder around and make many mistakes and some of us are not kind to each other. Some of us won't share and some of us take more than our fair share. We have created the politics and divisions of different peoples on this earth and some of us suffer because of that. It isn't God's fault. He just lets us make our mistakes and lets us learn our lessons and if we fail, then it's our own fault.

Anyway, that's kind of what I think about that. You may think something different and that's okay, because God doesn't mind if you do.

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  1. From Janice, 3-01-06
    I agree with you.
    God is good all the time!
    All the time God is good!
    Hope you are feeling better today!