Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday February 10, 2006 Don't you get tired?

Don't you get tired of listening about the antics of our politicians.
You get mad when they just don't seem to understand the common man's needs and desires. They have their agenda and it doesn't seem to include us. When one party goes overboard in one direction, we wait for the other party to come up with a logical alternative and draw the political rhetoric back to the middle, but it's easier to cast dispersions on the rulers than to offer sensible suggestions. We end up with each party villifying the other and not having faith in either. We cherish the idea that our representatives are there to represent us and to watch out for us. It seems that we have the best political system money can buy. What's the use? Without the money you can't sway a single vote in favor of the majority. There are just too many special interests with way too much money influencing our leaders. Integrity gives way to compromise and we overlook graft and corruption as part of the price we must pay to get elected. Every person who has been elected “owes” some special interest(s) favors.

The problem is that only rich people have the wherewithal to pay for a campaign and if they don't have the money, they have to surrender their favors to those who do. Whoever we get to vote for is already bought and paid for.

It's sad.

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