Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday September 13, 2005 Don't put it off

I never really planned on living as long as I have. I am now almost 64 years old. Looking back at my ancestry, I see that many of my relatives lived into their 70s. On my father's side, they lived into their 80s. I figured, with the extra weight that I've carried over all these years, that I would be lucky to make it to retirement. With that in mind, I enjoyed as much as I could when I was able. The trip around the United States in 1983 was one of the highlights of my life, and I'm glad that I didn't put it off. I'm also glad that I got the chance to do things for my folks as they got older – it really brought me closer to them. We became great friends. I've tried to keep a close bond with my daughters and my sisters and brother. I've tried to keep an ongoing dialog with my cousins. With just a minimum of effort you gain a lifetime of friendship. Much of all this that I have gained is due to the expectation that I wouldn't have an extended lifetime and couldn't put things off until later. Whether I pass out of this life now or 20 years from now, I know that I have enjoyed the time that I have had. I have seen many loved ones face old age and infirmity and oncoming death and have seen the quiet acceptance that they come to have. I can appreciate their feelings, for I know that I will have no regrets left behind when I pass into the light. Looking back over my life, I find that I have loved almost everyone whom I've come to know. There were just a few people who were unlovable, but they were excusable - they just didn't know what life was really about. Life is about giving and sharing and loving and building memories for yourself and others. When it's all over, that's all that's left – the feelings and the memories. Thanks to all the friends and relatives in my life, I have felt great love and have great memories. I've tried to leave them with pleasant memories of me.

It's been a great life.

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  1. and you're not near dead yet.....still have things to do & people to connect with...your grandson for instance.......memories built with him will sustain you both over the run of time.