Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday September 26, 2005 Another week begins

How are you this bright and cheery day? What new and exciting thing is happening?

It's Monday and another week has begun. I used to really dread Mondays - it was time to sacrifice myself to the necessity of making a living. It was time to turn away from the joys of the weekend and return to the drudgery of work. And then I discovered that It was only a matter of changing my opinion and revising my attitude to make Mondays joyful. I started asking my fellow workers how they were this bright and cheery day and they eventually responded cheerfully. It took a while for all of us to start to enjoy each others company and to think of work as a place of friendship and sharing. We were all in the same situation of needing to work in order to survive and we had all chosen to work where we were because of circumstance or availability. We figured that if we really hated working there we should move on to greener pastures but since we had chosen to stay we had only to set our minds to finding the joy of working together. Once you break through the hard shell that we all assume for our own protection and start to trust and enjoy and empathize with those around you, you can find true friendship. When you are working with friends and sharing a large portion of your life with them, work takes on a greater meaning and life becomes more enjoyable.

I hope you all stay happy and healthy and enjoy each precious moment.

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  1. Mondays can be wonderful days.
    It's the first of the week with nothing gone wrong yet (& so therefore might not).
    The weekend is past with a list of accomplishments (even if it was just to relax & be quiet for a couple of days) to enjoy in their completion (or beginnings).
    The "To-Do" list for work is tiny & managable (if only until lunch).
    Mondays are new beginnings & that can most always be a good thing.