Saturday, May 14, 2005

Saturday May 14, 2005 Dad died

Dad passed away Thursday evening, May 12, 2005.
I have no words to express my feelings of loss and anguish.

It happened fast and so unexpected. His health just turned bad and his body slowly faded away. He was under sedation and felt no pain. He was surrounded by my sisters and brother. I was too far away and it happened so fast that I couldn't get there in time. I was able to tell him over the phone that I loved him and it was shortly thereafter that he slipped away.

I need time for this pain to heal. I've been so focused on his health and caring that now I'm not sure what to do next. I know that I'm happy for him that death came peacefully and with a minimum of pain. He didn't have to suffer long and he died with dignity. He will be missed by anyone who knew him.

My dad was a 5'-9" giant of a man. Everyone looked up to him. He was an honest man you could trust. He had integrity and he was the essence of dignity. He was a truly loving person and was the strength of our family.

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