Friday, May 27, 2005

Friday May 27, 2005 Life is a gift

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the NOW that we lose our vision of the greater picture. If you’re staring at the white line in the road ahead, you may miss the beautiful vistas that you are passing through. Day by day, we concentrate so hard on the details of living that we forget the joy of just plain living. I have let the last few weeks pass by unnoticed because I was concentrating so hard on the details of the death of a loved one. I lost those weeks forever. They will never return. Now is the time to look up and see the beauty surrounding you. It doesn’t take much to make a memory – just one instant of recognition of something beautiful that you can carry forward with you. Life is such a great gift that we can squander or savor.

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  1. altho you didn't really lose the past will have memories of coming together as a family......with many very distance relatives going was a small celebreation of everyone's different memories of GrandPa and you got to share in that........