Friday, January 21, 2011

It's been a long cold winter and it's still snowing!

The holidays came and went and were quite a busy time here at home.  My son-in-law came home from the oil fields of Wyoming and North Dakota to spend Christmas and New Years with his family.  We had a lot of family time over the holidays and it was great.  Now Carole has gone south to Texas for the winter and Chuck has returned to Wyoming and it keeps on snowing and getting colder.  I'm really ready for some warmth.  I plan on visiting Carole in Texas during the whole month of February.  It's supposed to be sunny and warm down along the Rio Grande and I won't mind it a bit.  Meanwhile my daughter, Deborah, has gotten her divorce and plans on moving up to Oregon from New Mexico.  It's quite a turmoil for her right now, but she will make the most of it - a fresh new beginning.

I love the changes of the seasons, but I get tired of snow really quickly.  It's beautiful to look at for a day, but after that it starts to look a bit stark and cold and uninviting.  It will be great to see the green grass and orchards of fruit trees of southern Texas.  A warm beach with blue skies and puffy white clouds won't be bad also.

My Minnesota relatives love the snow and cold for all the winter sports and activities, but up there it gets cold and stays cold and once you get out the warm clothes you don't put them away till spring.  Here it's warm one day and cold the next and snowing one day and slushing the next so your body never quite gets adjusted.

I'll let you know how warm it is in Texas when I get there.  Stay warm!

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