Saturday, November 27, 2010

burp! Thanksgiving was great!

Thanksgiving was great - had dinner at sister Janice's house and her whole menu was delicious.  My daughter Beth and grandson Zachary went with me, so it was a good family outing.  We missed my son-in-law Chuck terribly but he is still in Wyoming and North Dakota trying to stay employed with the oil riggers.  The labor market here in town still isn't much, so he has been working far from home and not getting home very often.

Christmas shopping season opened with the plaza lights being turned on.  We put up our Christmas decorations and it's now time to think about how to celebrate the season.  Many of our relatives are having financial difficulties this year, so we intend to keep it simple.  Tonight my sisters and brother and their spouses and I will be getting together for our annual birthday steak dinner at Jess & Jims.  We have been doing this now for about 15 years and everyone really enjoys getting together and having a good meal.

I've been in a candy making mood - never tried that before, but it seems to be not that hard.  You get in the baking mood or the cooking mood or the candy mood every once in a while and the things you make are always so much better than the commercial product.  The only problem is to control your hunger after you make a big batch.  I find it's best to enjoy the making and then to enjoy the giving away to others that works best - otherwise I get saturated with too much of a good thing.

I hope that this Christmas all families can be together and share their love enjoy the season.

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